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Training at the MAC - Tirol: FAQ


# Who can train with us?

Women and men who are at least 18 years old. There is no upper limit. Martial arts experience is not necessary. Fitness and agility come from training.

#What do I need to bring to my first training session?

A T-shirt and conventional sports trousers (preferably without pockets or zippers) are sufficient for the trial training. For reasons of injury and hygiene, please make sure that your fingernails and toenails are cut short. 


After the trial training, we recommend that you purchase the following equipment yourself:


  • NoGi BJJ / Catch Wrestling: mouthguard (recommended), fightshort, rashguard

  • Boxing: mouthguard, gloves, bandages


#How do I find you?

Our training hall is located at Egger-Lienz-Straße 96. Once you have found the building, simply ring the doorbell at MAC-Tirol, go down the stairs to the right into the cellar immediately after entering the building and turn left along the corridor.

#How does BJJ training normally work?

BJJ training usually consists of three parts:


  • Warm-up: the body is prepared for the sport-specific movements

  • Technique: the techniques are practiced on a cooperative partner in order to learn the sequence of movements

  • Sparring / rolling: in this part, the techniques practiced in the technique part are applied against a resisting partner using predefined scenarios. The sparring / rolling part ensures that the techniques learned work in a competition or self-defense situation, for example. This principle is what makes BJJ so effective.

#I am a beginner, can I come to any training session?

Basically yes. We recommend that completely new beginners first attend some normal training sessions before joining the sparring class on Thursdays.

# In what languages are the classes taught?

All of our trainers and most of our students speak both German and English.

#Does the club have a shower?

The MAC-Tirol has a shower. Please bring your own towel and shower gel for showering.


#What else do I need to know?

  • Please wash your feet before entering the mat or after using the toilet. Your training partners will get them directly or indirectly in their faces.

  • Remove all jewelry (rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, etc.) before training.

  • Pets are unfortunately not allowed to be brought to training

#Training etiquette

  • Please take care of yourself, your training partner and your surroundings (other trainees, walls, etc.) during training to avoid injuries

  • Only perform release holds in a controlled manner

  • If your partner has you in a hold and you want to give up, tap your partner twice to give up. If this is not possible, use your voice and shout “Tap”. You do not necessarily need a tap to give up. As there can be many reasons for a tap, the sparring should be interrupted immediately if a physical or verbal tap occurs

  • Be prepared to let go of a submission hold so as not to injure your partner

  • Do not perform any taps that your partner is not familiar with and that could lead to injury if you react incorrectly (e.g. heel hooks). Talk to your partner about which techniques they are familiar with!

  • Please always wear clean training clothing and training equipment

  • Do not perform any techniques during training that have an increased risk of injury (jumping into the guard, scissor takedowns, slams)

  • Do not grab individual fingers

  • Only spar as hard as you want people to spar with you

  • Training is a place to improve your own skills and those of your training partners. It's not about winning

  • For example, if you are not actively training because of a break, sit with your back to the wall to avoid injury.

#When can I get started?

If you would like to visit us for a trial training session, please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you.

#What does training at MAC cost?


Grappling & Boxen - All inclusive                                             

#I want the full program!                                             from 80€ / month*

BJJ & Catch Wrestling

#Grappling is all i want                                                      from 70€ / month*

Boxing -  2 times per week

#II just want to box!                                                              50€ / month*


​Drop-In session

#I'm just visiting once in a while!                                                  15€ / training



*Prices apply for a minimum contract period of 12 months. 

For more information on student discounts or different contract periods, please use the contact form!

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