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The Team

The MAC-Tirol team has always stood for quality and experience.

In the past, our team has managed to be successful in various disciplines, both nationally and internationally. Despite, or perhaps precisely because of, all of these successes, we also place great value on interpersonal relationships within the club. The result is a positive training atmosphere that leads to top sporting performances with a strong team spirit.

Roman - "The Empire"


The  Head of MAC-Tirol and BJJ Blackbelt, he is able to explain the most complicated movements in a simple way and almost always knows how and why something has to be done in a certain way. As a BJJ coach and catch wrestling instructor, he is omnipresent not only behind the scenes, but also on the mats.
Daniel - "The Enforcer"

The founder of MAC-Tirol and martial arts veteran . A BJJ blackbelt himself, he is now enjoying his well-deserved island life, but regularly honors us with visits and seminars. Without him, neither the MAC nor the Tyrolean martial arts scene would exist in their current form.


Robin - "The Specialist"

Robin is a true master of his craft. He has an almost incredible knowledge of Jiu Jitsu and can effortlessly impart this to his students with technical precision and brilliance. As the main person responsible for Jiu Jitsu, he takes care of the training structure and teaching content outside of the mat.

Lara - "The Sweet Killer"

As an active competitor, strength trainer and physiotherapist, Lara is a true all-rounder. Together with Alex, she applies her unique Jiu- Ji tsu knowledge in the fundamental training . Away from training, Lara is a real happy soul and always infects us with her smile. But make no mistake, on the mat she becomes a real killer !

Alex - "The Fighter"


Alex is the competitor in the MAC Tirol coaching team. He teaches the techniques he has tried out in his competitions, usually on Tuesdays in fundamentals training. Since he is not only enthusiastic about grappling, you will also find him regularly on the mat during striking sessions. His relaxed manner and the breadth and depth of his knowledge characterize his training style.

Raffi - "The friendly Punisher"


Our boxing coach and motivator has now become a permanent fixture at the MAC. Twice a week he leads boxing enthusiasts and those who want to become boxers through varied and sweaty boxing workouts. Exciting sound included!

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